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Disposals Policy Guidelines Survey

by on May 10, 2010

As you may be aware the MLAG Policy Group has been convened to formulate the production of a series of policy guidelines (two or three will be produced per year), each of which will be made available via the MLAG website in order to provide direct support to museum librarians and archivists with the planning and creation of local operational policies.

We are currently working on the creation of a disposals policy guideline and plan to have this ready for distribution to MLAG members by September.  With that in mind the Policy Group is currently seeking to gather as many examples as possible of local disposals policies.  This includes both library / archive specific disposals policies and also generic museum wide disposals policies where library and archival material is referred to.  We would like to gather these in order to help inform development of the disposals policy guideline via the identification of common issues, themes and examples of best practice. 

Several librarians and archivists have already sent us examples of their organisation’s disposals policies, for which we are very grateful, but we would welcome receipt of any further examples so that we have as wide a pool of relevant information to draw upon as possible when developing the guideline.  I should stress that themes collated from local policies will only be reported anonymously in the guideline we will be developing and likewise the confidentiality of individuals and organisations will be respected at all times.  Copies of your local policy can be sent by email or posted to Rupert Williams, Head of Library and Archives, Science Museum Library, Imperial College Road, London, SW7 5NH.

In addition, we would also appreciate feedback from librarians and archivists regarding any issues, topics, ideas, suggestions or concerns that you would like to see addressed in the disposals policy guideline.  Again, any feedback in this respect can be directed to me in the first instance.

Finally, if anyone has any suggestions for future policy guidelines that you would like to see the Policy Group developing then please forward these to me as well.  I will collate all responses received and circulate the most popular ideas in due course.  All policy areas will be considered, regardless of whether they directly or indirectly relate to the operational activities of museum libraries and archives, so please feel free to submit any thoughts or ideas you might be interested in and which you would like support for.

Rupert Williams, MLAG Policy Group Chair.

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