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Readers tickets and copying cards

by on October 14, 2010

At the Caird Library, National Maritime Museum, we are currently developing our plans for the reader’s ticket and copying facilities for the new reading room in the Sammy Ofer Wing, scheduled to open in mid-2011. We would be interested to know what payment systems your Library uses eg. cash or PDQ machine, copy card machine, online accounts, and whether there is one that you can recommend (and the name of supplier). We are also interested to hear of any Libraries or Archives that combine reader’s tickets with a copying payment card. Any help or advice you can give would be great. Many thanks.

Eleanor Gawne (Caird Library, National Maritime Museum)

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  1. In the National Art Library at the V&A we use coin operated photocopiers. We did explore the feasibility of card operation but felt that this would be too expensive to operate. The fact that we have a high turnover of users also works against this option. We also charge for prints from pcs and from a camera, both of which would be difficult to mechanise. We therefore haven’t attempted any link between our membership card and payment for copies.

    Martin Flynn, V&A

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