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Get involved! #museumweek 24-30 March 2014

by on March 13, 2014

“Every day of the year museums and cultural institutions across the world are using Twitter in exciting and interesting ways to tell the stories of their collections to new audiences.”

We are always looking for ways to promote our collections and our work to a wider audience, especially those who, as of yet, are oblivious to the world of Museum Libraries and Archives!

Here is your chance to break down some barriers and share an insight into our work and fantastic collections. TwitterUK is joining forces with France, Spain and Italy and encouraging museums to take over twitter for the first ever #MuseumWeek 24 – 30 March. An incredible number of museums and other places have already signed up. Has yours?

Why should we get involved?

  • You are the best placed person to promote your collections and your work
  • Tweeting under the banner of an event such as #MuseumWeek will ensure a greater number of people see what you have to say
  • It is a fun event
  • An opportunity to add something new to your CV
  • If this is going to be your first experience of using twitter to promote your collections and work, then what a great event!

What is involved?

Each day has a different theme and a different hashtag. This makes the event more manageable and will help you to focus your efforts:

March 24 Day 1 – A day in the life (#DayInTheLife)
March 25 Day 2 – Test your knowledge (#MuseumMastermind)
March 26 Day 3 – Your story (#MuseumMemories)
March 27 Day 4 – Buildings behind the art (#BehindTheArt)
March 28 Day 5 – Ask the expert (#AskTheCurator)
March 29 Day 6 – Museum selfies (#MuseumSelfies)
March 30 Day 7 – Constraint drives creativity (#GetCreative)

“But our Library/Archive doesn’t have a twitter account of its own”

Please don’t see this as a barrier but instead as the perfect opportunity to build a relationship with the person or team who runs your museum twitter account. They rely on their colleagues giving them a variety of interesting information that people will love to read and helps to promote the museum that you all work for. I’d like to hope that as they are managing your museum’s twitter account they already know all about #MuseumWeek, but if they don’t, then what a coup to be the one to tell them all about it!

“We have got so much on at the moment, especially during that week, we couldn’t possibly find the time to find material to tweet all day for 7 days.”

The beauty of this event is that you can do as little or as much as you like, but just take part. The other tip is to set up tweets in advance, that way you don’t feel the pressure to be creative every day. Even better if someone else manages the twitter account for you, then you supply the information and they handle all the rest.

How great would it be to follow the week’s events using #MuseumWeek and see museum library and archives material rubbing shoulders with the world!

Stage one: Is your museum signed up?

If not then speak to the person/team who manage your main museum twitter account and if you don’t know who that it is then here is the perfect time to find out!

Get your Museum to sign up

Stage two: Read more and get inspired!

Stage three: Tell us about what you are doing

Comment on this blog post or why not tweet us @MLAGUK

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