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  1. Here’s another blog, from the UKNIWM, an IWM collections project that people might like to know about:

  2. Richard Golland permalink

    LMLAG is planning to hold its fourth one-day conference in Autumn 2011. The LMLAG Events and Training Group will take the lead in organising it.

    LMLAG has been fortunate on the last three occasions in having been provided with conference halls at no charge by national museums and galleries. As LMLAG has no funds and is not in a position to take financial risks, our conferences depend upon this support.

    At the moment we are seeking a venue at a museum or gallery for next year’s conference and this is an invitation and an appeal to anyone who may be able to offer such a venue, in September or October 2011, to let us know. Please get in touch!

    Richard Golland, on behalf of the Events Group

  3. The Natural History Museum now has a blog. Would you be able to add it into your MLAG member blogs list?

    Here is the link:

    Many thanks!

    • Admin permalink

      Hi James,

      Many thanks for the link to your new blog – I’ve added it to the MLAG memeber blogs list.


  4. We are a small charity interested in the history and heritage linked to Hoar Oak Cottage on Exmoor – an abandoned shepherds cottage in a remote and fragile part of the moor. We are descendents of those shepherd families or simply ‘friends’ of the cottage who love its story and setting on the moor. We have a simple blog with some information and postings –

    We wish to create a virtual heritage website to 1) record and make available the social history of the people who lived at Hoar Oak Cottage and 2) create a record of the cottage and 3) provide an opportunity for people to take a virtual walk out onto the moor and visit Hoar Oak Cottage 4) provide educational materials to support students and researchers interested in agricultural families living in remote settings.

    We are interested in finding out if – within the professional world of museums and archives – there is a specialist discipline on creating virtual museums and archives. And, if there is, whether you could direct us to sources of help and advice to enable our charity to deliver it’s aims of creating a virtual heritage website.

    Many thanks
    Bette Baldwin

  5. Paul Shackleton permalink

    Can the Jiscmail list be renamed from LMLAG to MLAG? I know I had trouble finding it before and did so just now when a friend asked for the link.

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